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Svetlana Komissarouk

Social Psychologist

Lecturer for academic and general public

Group therapist

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Radical acceptance starts with active listening

Here you could find scientific publications, media appearances and other materials by Dr. Svetlana Komissarouk.
The site also announces her upcoming lectures and other events in which she participates.
The site provides Dr. Komissarouk’s work schedule and announces the opening of new groups.
You can use this site for sending a personal request and paying for a personal or group consultation


Research work

In the Classroom

“I” Seek Autonomy, “We” Rely on Each

Self-Construal and Regulatory
Focus as Determinants of Autonomy and Dependency-Oriented Help-Seeking


There are two typical approaches to requesting help: autonomy-oriented help-seeking (asking in order to learn how to fix a problem) versus dependency-oriented help-seeking (asking a helper to fix it). This article presents three studies demonstrating the systematic impact of a person’s chronic or activated self-construal (interdependent vs. independent) that operates through activated regulatory focus (prevention vs. promotion) on these two help-seeking styles. 

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Dispositional differences in seeking autonomy- or dependency-oriented

Conceptual development and scale validation


This paper presents integrated sets of studies testing whether stable personal tendencies in help-seeking behavior: autonomy-oriented (asking for help to learn how to fix a problem) versus dependency-oriented (asking
someone else to fix it) could be established and reliably assessed. We report on the reliability and validation of
a new self-report, Likert-scaled measurement of autonomous and dependent help-seeking styles.


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